Admission Process

Step 1: Submit Your Enrolment Form Here or visit www.ajitpublic.com/enroll-now

Step 2: We invite parents and prospective students to visit our campus and witness the vibrant atmosphere that defines Ajit Public School. A personal tour allows you to explore our state-of-the-art facilities, interact with faculty members, and get a feel for the nurturing environment we offer.

Step 3: Once you’ve decided to enroll your child with us, the next step is to fill out the Admission application form available in our school. Ensure that all the required information is accurately provided. If you need any assistance during this process, our admission team is here to help.

Step 4: Submit following Documents: Student’s Aadhaar Card, Father’s Aadhaar Card, Mother’s Aadhaar Card, Student’s Birth Certificate, School Leaving Certificate, E-Punjab Leaving Certificate and Transfer Certificates if required.

Step 5: Depending on the grade of admission, an interactive session or assessment may be conducted. This step helps us understand the student’s abilities, interests, and readiness for the chosen grade. It also allows us to tailor our teaching approach to meet the unique needs of each child.

Step 6: Upon successful completion of the admission process, you will receive an admission offer from Ajit Public School. To confirm the admission, parents are required to pay the applicable fees within the stipulated time frame.

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