Fourth Grade

Embark on a Journey of Knowledge and Discovery in Fourth Grade at Ajit Public School!

Dear Fantastic Parents,

Welcome to the captivating realm of Fourth Grade at Ajit Public School – a place where intellectual curiosity takes flight, and academic exploration reaches new heights. We are excited to share the enriching experiences and vibrant learning environment that await your child in this dynamic grade.

Age and Enrollment Details:

In Fourth Grade, we extend a warm welcome to students who have reached the age of 9, ensuring that they are well-prepared for the heightened academic challenges and expanded curriculum of this grade. To enroll your child in this exciting phase, please take note of the essential details.

The last day for enrollment is February 15th, and classes for Fourth Grade commence from March 23rd to April 1st. Following the Punjab School Education Board (PSEB) guidelines, our registration process ensures transparency and accountability, providing a focused and stable learning environment.

Advancement in Structured Learning:

Fourth Grade marks a significant step forward in structured learning, emphasizing deeper exploration and understanding of various subjects. Our goal is to create an environment that fosters critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a love for lifelong learning.

Enhanced Academic Challenges:

As students progress to Fourth Grade, they encounter enhanced academic challenges that stimulate their intellectual growth. The curriculum is thoughtfully designed to encourage independent thinking, research skills, and a comprehensive understanding of the subjects studied.

Document Requirements:

Similar to Third Grade, please ensure the submission of the following documents for a smooth admission process:

  1. Aadhaar Card and Birth Certificate of the Student
  2. Aadhaar Card of Father and Mother
  3. Passport-sized Photograph of the Student
  4. E-Punjab Transfer Certificate from the Previous School
  5. Records of passing Third Grade, including School Leaving Certificate and Report Card

Minimum Age Requirement:

The minimum age for admission to Fourth Grade is 9 years. This ensures that students are developmentally prepared for the heightened academic challenges and expanded curriculum offered in this grade.

Exploring Advanced Subjects:

In Fourth Grade, students delve into advanced subjects, building on the foundation laid in the previous grades. The curriculum includes a nuanced exploration of science, mathematics, social studies, and language arts, providing a well-rounded educational experience.

Holistic Development and Extracurricular Opportunities:

At Ajit Public School, we believe in nurturing the holistic development of each child. Beyond academics, Fourth Grade students have the opportunity to engage in various extracurricular activities, fostering physical fitness, creativity, and overall well-being.

Parental Engagement:

Parental involvement remains a crucial aspect of a child’s educational journey. We encourage open communication between parents and teachers, ensuring that you are well-informed about your child’s progress and achievements. Regular updates, parent-teacher meetings, and collaborative initiatives contribute to building a strong home-school partnership.

Join the Fourth Grade Adventure:

Are you ready to embark on this exciting adventure with us? At Ajit Public School, we are dedicated to providing a nurturing and stimulating environment where your child can flourish academically, socially, and emotionally.

Feel free to reach out for any queries or assistance with the enrollment process. We look forward to welcoming your child to Fourth Grade at Ajit Public School, where every day is an opportunity for exploration, discovery, and success.

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