Welcome to the Magical World of Pre Primary at Ajit Public School!

Hello Parents,

I hope this message finds you well and filled with joy! 🌼 I am thrilled to share the wonders of our Pre Primary wing at Ajit Public School, where little hearts like yours find a haven of laughter, learning, and limitless possibilities.

A Picture-Perfect Campus:

Imagine a place surrounded by towering trees, vibrant flowers, and a warmth that feels like a mother’s embrace – that’s our school! The moment you step into our campus, you’ll witness a world where nature meets nurture, creating the perfect backdrop for your child’s magical journey.

Extraordinary Teachers for Extraordinary Kids:

Our teachers are like guardian angels, providing the tender care and attention your little one deserves. Each teacher is a beacon of support, guiding your child through their earliest learning adventures with love, patience, and encouragement.

Safety, Cleanliness, and Care:

We understand the importance of a safe and clean environment for your child. Our school boasts super clean, well-lighted washrooms, play areas, grounds, and swings – spaces where your child can explore and play freely. We provide extra help for potty and washroom adventures, ensuring every little need is met with care.

Health and Wellness:

Your child’s well-being is our top priority. We have a doctor on call for those unexpected moments and conduct annual health checkups with our friendly pediatrician. These measures ensure that your little one is not just learning but thriving in the healthiest way possible.

Engaging Events and Enchanting Content:

We believe in capturing every precious moment of your child’s journey. From baby shows that mark their first steps on the stage to grand annual shows that showcase their blossoming talents, we record these magical events. You can find these heartwarming moments on our YouTube channel, Instagram, and Facebook, creating a virtual window into your child’s world.

Parent Testimonials:

Don’t just take our word for it – hear from parents just like you! Our social media is filled with heartwarming testimonials from families who have witnessed the transformative magic of our Pre Primary wing.

Language of Learning:

We believe in creating a diverse and inclusive environment. While we embrace linguistic diversity, we encourage English as the primary language of communication in our school. This provides an immersive language experience that enriches your child’s communication skills.

Celebrating Diversity and Festivals:

We celebrate the beauty of diversity and joyfully mark all festivals, ensuring that your child grows up appreciating the rich tapestry of cultures around them. Our Diwali event, with its twinkling lights and delightful games, is a spectacle of joy and celebration.

Timely Updates and Open Communication:

Communication is key, and we strive to keep you well-informed about your child’s school journey. Our teachers communicate regularly with parents, providing timely updates about school activities and your child’s progress.

Enrollment Time – A Gateway to a Magical Beginning:

Now, let’s talk about a truly enchanting opportunity. Our new session begins from 23rd March to 1st April, and we highly recommend enrolling your child by 31st January. This ensures ample time for us to prepare a grand welcome, making your child’s first day the best day of their lives.

Indoor and Outdoor Play Areas:

At Ajit Public School, we believe in the magic of play. Our Pre Primary wing is equipped with both indoor and outdoor play areas, providing a perfect balance between learning and fun. Imagine your child laughing, playing, and making lifelong friends in these delightful spaces.

A Hall of Dreams with Music, Stage, and Lights:

We also have a student hall with a stage, lighting, and a music system – a place where your child’s dreams can take center stage. From talent shows to celebrations, this hall becomes a haven for your child’s budding talents.

Join the Pre Primary Adventure:

So, dear mom, are you ready to embark on this enchanting adventure with us? Ajit Public School is not just a place of learning; it’s a home where your child’s dreams and potential are nurtured with love, care, and laughter.

Feel free to reach out for any queries or assistance with the enrollment process. We can’t wait to welcome your little one to our Pre Primary family, where each day is a new chapter of discovery, growth, and pure joy.

Wishing you and your little one a world of happiness and excitement. 

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