Fee Structure 2024-25

Invest in the Top School in Amritsar – Fee Structure at Ajit Public School

At Ajit Public School, we understand the significance of investing in your child’s education, and we are committed to providing a transparent and comprehensive fee structure. Our fees are designed to ensure the best possible learning experience for your child, encompassing various facilities, resources, and educational programs.

Monthly Fees: Our monthly fees cover the core academic curriculum, delivered by our experienced and dedicated faculty. We believe in offering quality education that forms the foundation for your child’s future success. These fees contribute to maintaining a high standard of teaching and learning.

Annual Funds: A part of the fees is allocated to infrastructure development, ensuring that our school remains equipped with modern facilities and a conducive learning environment. This fee supports ongoing improvements to our classrooms, laboratories, and recreational areas.

Admission Fee: The admission fee is a one-time payment required at the time of enrollment. It covers administrative costs, admission processing, and the creation of your child’s academic profile within our system.

Late Fee Policy: Ajit Public School encourages timely payment of fees to avoid any disruption to your child’s education. Late fees may be applicable in cases of delayed payments, and we appreciate your cooperation in adhering to the fee schedule.

Scholarship Opportunities: We believe in recognizing and rewarding merit. Ajit Public School offers scholarship opportunities for students who demonstrate exceptional academic achievements or contribute significantly to extracurricular activities.

For a detailed breakdown of our fee structure, please refer to the Fee Schedule below. We remain committed to providing quality education that empowers your child for a successful future.

Should you have any questions or require further clarification on our fees, please don’t hesitate to contact our administrative office. Thank you for choosing Ajit Public School as your partner in shaping a bright future for your child.

Fee Structure for the Academic Year 2024-25. The School Follows the academic calendar year which runs from April to March.

One Time Joining FeesFees
Application & Registration Fees1000
New Admission Fees8000
ClassAnnual FundsMonthly Fees
Pre Nursery To 1st 3300950
2nd to 4th33001000
5th to 7th38001050
8th to 10th38001100
11th Arts65001300
11th Commerce65001500
11th Medical & Non Medical65001700
12th Arts65001300
12th Commerce65001500
12th Medical & Non Medical65001700

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