Eleventh Grade Humanities/ Arts

Navigating Eleventh Grade Humanities/Arts: Essential Information for Admissions

Welcome to the inspiring realm of Eleventh Grade Humanities/Arts at Ajit Public School, where intellectual curiosity meets diverse exploration. As you embark on this academic journey, here are crucial details regarding admissions, required documents, and important dates.

Admission Process:
To enroll in Eleventh Grade Humanities/Arts, students need to undergo a seamless admission process. Applications can be submitted online or at the school’s admission office. The admission committee ensures a fair and transparent process for all aspiring students.

Documents Required for Admission:
Ensuring a smooth admission process involves the submission of essential documents. Prospective students must provide the following:

  1. Aadhaar Card: A mandatory government-issued identity card for the student.
  2. Birth Certificate: Official documentation confirming the student’s date of birth.
  3. Parent IDs: Copies of Aadhaar cards or any other government-issued identification for both parents.
  4. Records of Passing Tenth Grade: A vital document indicating successful completion of the Tenth Grade.
  5. Passport-sized Photographs: Recent photographs of the student for official records.

Optional Subjects and Flexibility:
Eleventh Grade Humanities/Arts at Ajit Public School offers students the flexibility to choose optional subjects based on their interests and career goals. Alongside core humanities subjects, students can opt for additional subjects like Mathematics or Computers to tailor their academic experience.

Important Dates:
Mark your calendars for these crucial dates to ensure a smooth transition into Eleventh Grade Humanities/Arts:

  1. Application Period: Applications are accepted from 15th January to 15th April. Be sure to submit your application within this window.
  2. Admission Committee Review: The admission committee will review applications and conduct any necessary evaluations.
  3. Document Submission Deadline: Ensure all required documents are submitted by 15th July to complete the admission process.
  4. Optional Subject Selection Period: Students will have the opportunity to select optional subjects from 15th April to 15th July
  5. Commencement of Classes: Classes for Eleventh Grade Humanities/Arts commence in between 1st April to 15th April, providing a prompt start to the academic year.

Guidance and Support:
Our dedicated faculty members are here to provide guidance and support throughout the admission process. Feel free to reach out to the school’s admission office or designated helpline for any queries or assistance.

Preparing for a Dynamic Future:
Eleventh Grade Humanities/Arts at Ajit Public School is not just an academic journey; it’s a preparation for a dynamic future. The curriculum, optional subject choices, and supportive environment create a holistic education experience.

In conclusion, the Eleventh Grade Humanities/Arts program at Ajit Public School invites you to embark on an academic adventure. With careful attention to admissions details, document submission, and important dates, you can ensure a smooth transition into this vibrant phase of education.

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